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Militarygifts.com - Questions and Policy

Thank you for your visit to our website.  We are proud to offer many great Military products.  Below you will find some questions and answers that we have received from our customers.  If you find that your question is not below, please email us today.  navy@militarygifts.com 

Customer Information

We at Militarygifts.com have the utmost respect for our customer's privacy. As with every customer, your account information is kept in complete confidence. Our strict corporate policy insures that we will not sell, distribute, or otherwise publish your personal information to any third party.

Secure Shopping

Militarygifts.com utilizes the latest software applications to insure our customers that their visit and purchases from our site are safe and secure.  Storefront, our shopping cart program is regarded as one of the leading online shopping programs available.  Each sale online at militarygifts.com is protected via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol,Microsoft's Padlock - Be sure to see this when shopping online the adopted standard for processing credit card orders over the Internet.  Look for the "padlock" near your address bar to be sure that your check-out at militarygifts.com is secure.

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1. Can I order just one U.S. Navy Ball Cap?

Answer: Yes! We specialize in the single garment order. No need to call all your shipmates to fill large quantity requirements here. We gladly ship single cap orders right along side multiple orders each day.

2. Do you have my ship cap?  What ship hats do you make?

Answer: Currently we have well over 7500 different ship designs "In Program".  That is, we can manufacture Caps for every ship in the Navy from 1935 to present.  We do them all, Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers (Tin Cans), Submarines, Transport Ships, Cargo Ships, Hospital Ships, Tenders, Minesweepers, Amphibious Assault Ships, and more.  If you are in doubt about your specific ship, email us at navy@militarygifts.com.  Our staff will be happy to let you know that your ship is "In Program".

3. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Answer: All orders will be shipped within 21 days. Rush orders are available at additional costs. Currently we utilize confirmed shipping from both the United Parcel Service and Priority Mail from the U.S. Post Office.  Be sure to provide us with your complete address for problem-free delivery.  

Our Shop in Port Jervis, New York

4. Where are your products made?

Answer: All custom Navy embroidery is done on site in our upstate New York location. Our caps are 100% American made to meet our standards and those of the U.S. Navy. Each satin jacket we send to our customers is American made to our custom specs. The shirts we use are made of American materials, however, certain manufacturers assemble their garments overseas. Sorry, that's out of our control.

5. Are your caps "patch" caps?

Answer: NO. Each U.S. Navy cap we produce is directly embroidered. That is, ship names, silhouettes, and hull identification numbers are machine stitched onto each garment. The ship name and number are stitched in traditional Navy contract yellow/gold. All ship silhouettes are embroidered in a combination of gun metal gray and black stitching, using the official drawings of the Navy. We put as much detail as possible into each design, however, certain hull and armament modifications may not be available for every ship design.

6. How do your sizes run in the T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweatshirts?

Answer: All of our garments are available in sizes Medium through 2X-Large. Please inquire if larger sizing is needed. Sizing is always a tricky subject. Our garments are true to size. If you feel you are between a Large and X-Large, please order the X-Large. Our caps are adjustable one size fits all.

7. What if I don't know the Ship hull identification number?

Answer: It's very important to supply us with the ship name and hull classification number. Many ships that sailed in the U.S. Navy had their hull classification changed during service. The USS Midway is a good example. The USS Midway, a Navy aircraft carrier, was at one time classified as CVB-41. As modifications were made to the ship, the USS Midway was reclassified CVA-41. Later the USS Midway once again was modified, lastly to USS Midway CV-41. The USS Midway, in each of these three classifications, was in essence the same ship, however, due to some modifications its official Navy classification changed. Our products are indeed custom, once we produce your cap, or your shirt they cannot be returned.  It is most important that you give us the proper hull identification for the ship you want.  Please enter the Ship name and hull number in the correct box on the order page.  Email navy@militarygifts.com with any questions.

8. Do you produce ball caps and garments for "New" Ships?

Answer: Yes - We offer Ship Caps and garments for all "modern" Navy Ships.  We offer our Ship products for ships that have served our Navy from 1900 to present.

9. How can I place my order?

Answer: Please take advantage of our online order system.  100% safe and secure, our order system is simple, quick and easy to understand.  You can also print our order form from our website.  Lastly, you can call us toll free (877) 232-8416 to place your order over the phone. Please, when calling our order line note, We are opened from 10AM - 5PM Wednesday thru Monday.

10. What is your company return policy?

Answer: Here at militarygifts.com will do our best to insure you that the items you receive are the products you want.  However, we understand that sometimes things do not fit well, or are not quite what that certain person wanted.  We do offer a simple return policy below.    Our company return policy can be broken down in two categories.

 - 1. Return of All Embroidered U.S. Navy Ship Products

All custom orders are just that, custom, therefore returns may not be made on such purchases.  If you are unsure of a size, please contact us with questions.  Our staff will work with you to find proper sizing and fit.

 - 2. Return of Boots, Military Jackets, and related items

 - Boots - Military Jackets - Pea Coats - Field Jackets

and other Non-Embroidered Items

All returns and exchanges must be made within 90 days.  All returns and exchanges must be sent in "new" condition, along with original packaging.  We will issue a credit to the original credit card for the cost of the item and the sales tax, if applicable. Please allow 10 to 15 business days for the credit to appear on your credit card statement. Shipping charges are not refundable, and shipping will be charged for the new items(s) sent.

There is a 8% Re-Stocking Fee on all returned Boots and Outerwear


Email us at navy@militarygifts.com with questions or comments.