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U.S. Navy Ship List
Amphibious Ships

Militarygifts.com is proud to offer our U.S. Navy Ship Products for any of these Destroyers.  Note: Some ships had multiple hull designations.  Militarygifts.com can make you a cap or garment for your ship, whatever hull designation you request.

 Email : navy@militarygifts.com with questions.
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USS New York LPD-21
Amphibious Ships
AGC/LCC Amphibious Force Command Ship
AKA/LKA Amphibious Cargo Ship
APA/LPA Amphibious Transport
APD High Speed Transport
Amphibious Transport, Small
IFS/LFR Inshore Fire Support Ship
LCG(L) Landing Craft Guns (Large)
LCI Landing Craft Infantry
LCS(L)(3) Landing Craft Support (Large) (Mark 3)
Landing Ship Support, Large
LCT Landing Craft Tank
Landing Craft Utility
LHA Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
LHD Amphibious Assault Ship (Multi Purpose)
LPD Amphibious Transport Dock
LPH Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LSD Dock Landing Ship - ** USS New York LPD-21 **
LSM Medium Landing Ship
LSM(R) Landing Ship Medium (Rocket)
LST Tank Landing Ship
LSV Vehicle Landing Ship