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U.S. Navy Ship List
We offer Ship Caps and Garments for all of the Following:
 * Note: Some Ships have multiple Hull Identifications, Ships listed below show hull designation when commissioned - email navy@militarygifts.com with questions.
Ship Name Hull ID
USS Maine

No Hull ID

USS Texas

No Hull ID

USS Indiana BB-1
USS Massachusetts BB-2
USS Oregon BB-3
USS Iowa BB-4
USS Kearsarge BB-5
USS Kentucky BB-6
USS Illinois BB-7
USS Alabama BB-8
USS Wisconsin BB-9
USS Maine BB-10
USS Missouri BB-11
USS Ohio BB-12
USS Virginia BB-13
USS Nebraska BB-14
USS Georgia BB-15
USS New Jersey BB-16
USS Rhode Island BB-17
USS Connecticut BB-18
USS Louisiana BB-19
USS Vermont BB-20
USS Kansas BB-21
USS Minnesota BB-22
USS Mississippi BB-23
USS Idaho BB-24
USS New Hampshire BB-25
USS South Carolina BB-26
USS Michigan BB-27
USS Delaware BB-28
USS North Dakota BB-29
USS Florida BB-30
USS Utah BB-31
USS Wyoming BB-32
USS Arkansas BB-33
USS New York BB-34
USS Texas BB-35
USS Nevada BB-36
USS Oklahoma BB-37
USS Pennsylvania BB-38
USS Arizona BB-39
USS New Mexico BB-40
USS Mississippi BB-41
USS Idaho BB-42
USS Tennessee BB-43
USS California BB-44
USS Colorado BB-45
USS Maryland BB-46
USS West Virginia BB-48
USS North Carolina BB-55
USS Washington BB-56
USS South Dakota BB-57
USS Indiana BB-58
USS Massachusetts BB-59
USS Alabama BB-60
USS Iowa BB-61
USS New Jersey BB-62
USS Missouri BB-63
USS Wisconsin BB-64