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STS-131 Regulation Style Ball Cap
Cap Specs:
 - STS-131 Regulation Style Cap
 - 100% American Made
 - Navy Blue Wool Ball Cap
 - One Size Fits All *(Adjustable)
 - Anti-Glare Green Underbill
 - Directly Embroidered with: 
    - Astronaut Wings
    - Discovery STS-131 Mission No.

In the Spring 2010 - Cmdr. Alan Poindexter commanded Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-131 to the International Space Station.  Along with Cmdr. Poindexter and crew was a STS-131 Regulation Ball Cap - proudly made here at Militarygifts.com

The primary payload was a Multi-Purpose Logistics Module loaded with supplies and equipment for the International Space Station. The mission also removed and replaced an ammonia tank assembly outside the station on the S1 truss. The mission also included several on-board payloads; this mission had the most payloads since STS-107.

Now you too can own a Space Shuttle Discovery STS-131 Ball Cap.  With a couple more missions left for the entire Space Shuttle Fleet - now's the time to order a Shuttle Mission Cap.  Click below and order a STS-131 ball cap.

Space Shuttle Discovery Mission STS-131 Cap


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